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Teaching the world to search for the One True God 

  1. While serving as a Reading and Writing Coach throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean Region of DoD schools, I became aware of how few products are available to teach God's Word to others.
  2. As Christians, we have a sacred priviledge to share God's message of love, hope and salvation to all people throughout the world who are searching for HIM.  
    1. Yet, in the name of 'Separation of Church and State' we are unable to speak HIS name to our audience when we are on-the-job.  
    2. While I understand this, I believe it gives us a greater opportunity to share our Faith AFTER we retire from 'Civil Service'
  3.  If you are a person who is seeking to know The One True God, you have come to the best place.  
    1.  If  you're a missionary,
    2. ...an educator, 
    3. ...a teacher,
    4. ...a minister,
    5. ...a home-schooler,
    6. ...grand-parent,
    7. ...a lay minister,
    8. ...or just one individual, like me, who is in search of trusted guidance to learn how to talk to others about our beliefs and ever-increasing FAITH in HIM, please continue to read and view the movies posted on this website.
  4. JesusInHome.com/  makes it possible for you and your friends to download this information on your  iPad & iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet to keep you mobile.  This way it is always available.
    1. You will have access to our newsletter, also,
    2. ...& private online tutoring for teachers and students of God's 66 Love Letters, the Holy Bible.
  5. We also provide teacher inservice based on your personal needs as a teacher and student of God's Word.  These 'Ready-to-Go' services and Rigorous Bible Studies will help you as an individual, church or small group, i.e. Life Group, to use our products as a resource to draw closer to The One True God:
    1. ...hands free while listening in your car, etc.
    2. ...traveling to your next city on a plane, bus or train,
    3. ​...while waiting in the Doctor's office,
    4. ...and showing those sitting close to you, God's message.  Instead of wasting time traveling, you will be instrumental in helping people find their way to salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

After retiring from The Department of Defense Dependent Schools in 2004, and from the Miami-Dade County Public School System in 2012, I decided to devote my 'Retirement Time', knowledge, and teaching skills to teaching the world to search for The One True God.  Through Jesus in Home, we look forward to helping more and more people in more and more places get to know God and listen, with increased comprehension to His Word.  I believe you will find that there is not a more important mission than taking time while living on this planet to search for The One True God.

If you've just become a Christian and want to learn how to teach others, you will gain guidance and confidence after viewing and studying the eight Keynote Presentations, converted into movies on YouTube and posted on this website.  If you need trusted help and guidance in leading people to Jesus:Man for All Time, always remember there's someone you can turn to - JesusInHome.com/ !

To find out more about how Jesus in Home and how we can help you, please send us an email at  trudiep@mac.com  or give us a call at (256)712-7936  today!


1. Sixty-six Love Letters from God 
2. Metacognition Angel & Devil

3. Apostle Pauls definition of God
4. Creation
5. Research Strategies
6. Greatest Commmandment
7. Think in Scriptures
8. Higher Order Thinking

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Sixty Six Love Letters from God

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In 2013, I established Jesus in Home and began to devote my time and effort into helping fellow educators, missionaries, Humanity teachers, ministers, pastors, home-schoolers, and others to better and more effectively convey God's message of hope, love, and mercy to more people around the world who have yet to know Him. I believe that for people to know Jesus--a creative revolutionary--needs to step up and spread His word around the world.
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